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Borman Landes

We are proud to partner with Bowman & Landes to bring you the premier Gourmet Turkey for your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Since 1948, Bowman & Landes has been committed to raising and offering healthy and delicious turkey products that brighten your table and delight your palate. Bowman & Landes turkeys have been raised with the highest standards of quality that will be sure to satisfy.

Locally grown and raised with feed grown on the farm
No antibiotics nor growth promotants — EVER!
100% vegetable fed, no animal by-products — EVER!
Open-Range enjoying fresh air and sunshine — ALWAYS!

What does all of this mean to you? It means that you are guaranteed that the centerpiece of your holiday celebration, a Bowman & Landes Gourmet Turkey, will be the most nutritious, best tasting bird that you have ever enjoyed!

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