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Steve's Market & Deli Family Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions
By Customer

Do I need my card for weekly specials or sales?
NO! The Family Rewards card is our way to THANK our loyal customers.
It is NOT a discount or shoppers card, and you will never need it for specials or sale prices!

Does the rewards card cost me anything?
Absolutely not. It’s 100% FREE!

Why do you ask for my phone number?
Your phone number can be used to earn points for your account if your card is not available
at the time of the transaction. As well, we may need to contact you if your card is returned to us.

How do I know what items are on special?
Items will be marked throughout the store and on our Family Rewards flyers
at the front of the store.

How do I know how many points I have on my card?
There are 3 ways to find out your point balance:

1. Online - Go to www.stevesmarkets.com and click "Check Points"
2. The bottom of your receipt after every purchase
3. Ask one of our cashiers to scan your card

How do I spend my points?
You may redeem your points during checkout on qualifying items that are marked
throughout the store and on our Family Rewards flyers at the front of the store.

Can I spend my points on multiple items in the same purchase?
Yes. You may even spend your points on more than one of the same item in the same purchase.

Do I need to tell the cashier that I have a qualifying Family Rewards item(s)?
No. If you have enough points, and have picked up a qualifying item, the cashier
will know to ask you if you’d like to spend your points to get that item for FREE.
You may choose to not redeem your points to get that item for free.

What if I lose my card?
Please see Customer Service for a replacement card. Your existing points balance will be
transferred to your new card.

Should everyone in my household get their own card?
No. Your Family Rewards card comes with 2 key tags. You can give one to other members
of your household, and all of the points will go to the same account. Additional cards
may be requested, in which case we can link all cards to the same account.
Watch how fast they add up!

Will my personal information be sold?
Absolutely not! The Family Rewards program is owned and managed by your Steve’s Market & Deli.
None of the information you give us will EVER be sold, rented or shared with any
other company or its employees or associates.

If I give my email address, are you going to fill my inbox?
No, we don’t like our inbox full of ads and we are not going to fills yours either. You will receive an
initial welcome email upon registration, a notice when Family Rewards specials get changed, and a
monthly newsletter with community information, recipes, etc. If you ever have any suggestions
for things you may find of interest or of use to be included in the same email, please let us know.

Is this a limited time promotion?
No. This is a program that our store is committed to provide for our shopping family long-term.

What if I don’t want to tell you my age on the enrollment form?
That’s no problem at all! If you can simply provide us with the day and month of your birthday,
we will enter “00” as a default for the year. This will allow us the opportunity to offer you
special perks in the future.